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Wonder of The World/Leaf of Life Plant – The Wonder Healer

How many of us from the Caribbean remember as children putting a ‘Wonder of The World/Leaf of Life’ leaf in our school book and watching over time as it sprouts roots? It is a plant of wonder to many of us, but we are mostly unaware of the excellent curative powers of the plant.

Wonder Of The World – The Miracle Plant

TheWonder of The World’ (Kalanchoe pinnata) plant, also known as Miracle Leaf, Leaf of Life, Life Plant, Goethe Plant, Mexican Love Plant, Resurrection, Soanzo Leaf is much celebrated for its curing capabilities.  This miracle plant is native to Madagascar. It has also become naturalized in Asia, the Pacific, and all over the Caribbean.

Wonder of The World/leaf of Life - the healing plant

A recent study has revealed that the amazing Leaf of Life plant is a rich source of T-Cell suppressive flavonoids. What this means is that it has cancer-fighting properties.

Some Of The Other Constituents Of The Leaf Of Life Plant Are…

  1. Bryophillin A (anti-tumor)
  2. C- anticarcinogenic
  3. Beta carotene.  Beta carotene is converted by the body into vitamin A (retinol). We need vitamin A for healthy skin and mucous membranes, the immune system. Beta carotene is also important in promoting eye health and vision. 

Internal Uses Of The Leaf of Life Plant Are…

1. Cancer

In studies conducted the extract of the plant decreased and arrested tumor growth, acting as a tumor-suppressing agent. It possesses antitumor activity. The wonder of the World plant exhibits the ability to kill the dysfunctional cells in cervical cancer patients

3. Diabetes

Diabetes is a major risk for cardiovascular diseases such as strokes and heart attacks both of which affect the majority of the global population. A 2013 report showed that extracts of the Wonder of the World plant decreased the blood glucose level of rats affected by diabetes. Thus, decreasing the serum glucose level and increasing glucose tolerance. The Leaf of Life plant also increases the pancreatic secretion of insulin. 

4. Kidney Stones 

Fresh juice extracted from the Leaf of Life was administered to patients having stones in their body. A look at where stones Can form in the body.

Regular intake of the juice effectively dissolved the stones regardless of its position, nature and previous treatments. There was also an increase in the quantity of urine excreted, thus showing the diuretic nature of the juice.

 5. Hypertension (high blood pressure).

The effects of the leaf extracts of the plant were examined on the blood pressure and heart rates of hypertensive rats. It resulted in significant decreases in blood pressure and heart rates of anesthetized rats. 

6. Pregnancy

Studies have shown that the Leaf of Life could be beneficial for pregnant women. An animal study conducted in 2014 administered the plant extract to pregnant rats. The plant extract prevented them from gaining weight, while there were no adverse effects on both the mothers and their fetuses.

In the same year, a study was also conducted on human subjects. Pregnant women suffering from sleep issues were given 350 mg tablets that were 50% composed of Wonder of The World. At the end of the study, the women reported experiencing fewer wake-ups and improved quality of sleep. In this study, no adverse effects were reported either.

Sinuses and other respiratory illnesses; Colds and Flues & Headaches are additional ailments that the plant is used for.


External Uses Of Wonder of The World

  • Arthritis

Externally it is used for among other things – arthritis. To do this, the leaf is heated and placed on the affected area.

  • Cataracts

In treating cataracts and styes (hordeolum). Begin by boiling some of the leaves in hot water. Let it cool and then squeeze the juice in the affected area. 

  • Cuts/Bruises/External Ulcers

It is also used for cuts and bruises and external ulcers. For sore, tired feet soak in a solution made by setting the leaves in warm water. Apply twice a day, morning and night, or as often as needed.

How To Use The Plant Internally

The best way to use the Wonder of The World/Leaf of Life plant is to make tea which can be taken once or twice a day as needed.  

To make the tea put some water to boil. Once the water is boiling add the leaves of the plant. Let it simmer for a few minutes and then drink the tea without sugar added. Store the unused portion in a refrigerator and use as needed.

Distant Healing Works Miracles

Distant Healing

We are all energy beings. Not only can we affect others with our energy, we can also be affected by others. Usually people call me when they are in a state of desperation. Most times, it is because of a physical condition afflicting some loved one. At this point fear has almost totally consumed them, and they are literally begging me to pray for their family or friend this where distant healing comes in.

Distant Healing Works Irrespective Of Distance

Power Energy Fashioning

Now, I can easily allow myself to become absorbed by that energy, and get into that same state of hopelessness. That however helps neither party. It certainly does not help the loved one they are seeking help for. So what I do is: I bring them into a state of calmness. I then direct them to do what I call: Positive Remote Energy Fashioning (P.R.E.F.) or Distant Healing.

What Is Distant Healing?

Distant Healing is the sending of positive thoughts/energy towards a specific person or persons. It also involves the projecting of positive imaging of the person being helped. This is done when ever thoughts about the person/people come to mind.

Therefore instead of visualizing them as sick, or depressed, or whatever the situation looks like with the physical senses. Instead visualize them as being in good health, happy and full of joy.Visualize them doing the things they love. The key here, is to not allow the negative thoughts to nestle in the mind of the person/persons doing the Distant Healing. They must not give any place to pity or sorrow in their thinking. Nor are they to speak negatively about the person’s situation. So instead of saying: ‘John is not doing too well’. They are instead to say: ‘We are expect John to do Great!’ As soon as those negative thoughts come, they MUST be actively replaced with positive thoughts and words. I also promise them that I will take part in the Distant Healing as well.

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Affecting Others With Our Thoughts

Usually the next time I hear from them, they overjoyed and sharing good news about the situation. The same situation that once totally consumed them and had them in a state of despair. The reason for that is, we have the power to affect others by our thoughts. Yes our thoughts can impact others.  Our thoughts whether they are positive or negative can affect people, even when they are not aware of what we are doing. Have you ever stared at someone who was walking down the street with their back turned towards you? Then suddenly the person turns around and looks at you. How did they know you were looking at them? They can’t see behind their backs. The answer is: we are able to know things, even when we cannot see it. We are able to absorb/feel energy and that is because we are energy beings.

So the next time you  with a ‘crisis’, instead of doing the natural thing and panic. Choose to practice some Distant Healing and watch the difference it makes.



Lanyero Emily WAVE Healing Center - Positive Energy Fashioning
Lanyero Emily

Accident Recovery & Miracle

A little over a month ago my best friend Lily met a terrible accident as she was driving back home. She was trying to dodge a young man who just walked on to the road a few meters from a road bump. In the process, she hit the bump on the road. The vehicle overturned, hitting the young man who unfortunately passed away.

Lily suffered bruises all over her body especial the chest area, but there were no broken bones. We were so afraid that there could be some internal bleeding, but fortunately there was none.  When she called me around 10:40 pm, she was crying and was not making much sense. I was devastated. I live about one hour’s drive away from her and could not see her that night. The police contacted her family and they transferred her to the hospital.

Distant Healing Advised

The next morning I went to visit her. On being allowed inside the intensive care unit as her sister, my heart sunk.  Since I had not ever seen my best friend in such a bad state mentally and emotionally. I did not say much, but she said a lot of things that did not make sense. It horrified me. I shared what happened with another friend, Ainsworth. He advised me to project positive thoughts towards Lily and promised that he would do the same. I also asked her family and other friends to do so as well.

Lily shortly afterwards began to improve. Today she is back out to work. Although her emotions are not yet completely stable, physically and mentally she is strong and started enjoying her work again. The greatest miracle of all though, is that the family agreed to accept an out of court settlement for a minimal sum. This therefore means that she is free of all criminal charges.

Thank you Ainsworth for sharing this secret with me to help Lily get well.

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    Wonder of The World/Leaf of Life Plant – The Wonder Healer

    Wonder of The World/Leaf of Life Plant – The Wonder Healer

    How many of us from the Caribbean remember as children putting a ‘Wonder of The World/Leaf of Life’ leaf in our school book and watching over time as it sprouts roots? It is a plant of wonder to many of us, but we are mostly unaware of the excellent curative powers of the plant. Wonder Of The World – The Miracle Plant…


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